Get an individual training plan based on your

Zihi creates workouts that are just right for you. Zihi takes into account: Your Experience Level, Age, Gender, Time Available for training, Data from Completed workouts

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" I began to use Zihi’s running plans and I am very pleased that the training load increased smoothly, workouts are varied and, most importantly, there were strength workouts in my plan. Due to the complete analysis of training and recovery in the app, I don't need to keep my previous training diary. I update the plan every two or three days and can see how it changes according to my fatigue. "


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Who is the Zihi expert system made for?

Zihi is a personal coach in your pocket, available 24/7! It uses a sport-science approach to build your training plan based on your availability, stress, and recovery level.

Zihi - tracks and retains your training history

The Zihi expert system includes more than 978 coaching rules and patterns. It analyzes completed workouts to create individualized training plans in 20 seconds and for varied levels of athletes, from beginner to elite.

Train like Norwegian champions

Zihi is uses  the Norwegian endurance sports training methodology. We rely on a polarization model where 80% or training load is aerobic and another 20% is high intensity.

A training plan for that reduces the risk of injuries

Coaches and sports scientists understand the main injury risk factors. These are training load dynamics and the monotony of training. Zihi’s AI engine takes into account these factors to create safe training plans that bring results.

Trusted by Top sports watch brands in the World

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Get an individual training plan based on your schedule and fitness level

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    Download the app and sign up.

    Zihi in app store and google play. Add information about your fitness level and competitive goals for the season, and choose your main sport.

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    Go to the Profile section and connect the watch you use in training.

    To connect (synchronize) your watch, go to the Profile section in Zihi and connect your fitness Devices. This will allow the algorithm to consider your training over the past 30 days when building your training plan.

  • 3

    Get your free personalized training plan!

    Click "Generate Plan", in the “Time Available” Calendar, confirm your race goal, fitness level, and wait 20 seconds to get a training plan.

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    Train and track your progress

    Edit the "Time available" Calendar - enter your training facilities and time you can spend for each day. After that you can update your plan to create a personalized approach that is tailored to you and only you!

Frequently asked questions about the application.

For any questions, email us at - we will reply promptly and answer any questions you have. You can also reach us in Telegram or WhatsApp

Yes, In this case, Zihi develops the training load based on the performance level you specify (selected in the profile settings). You can choose from four levels, from beginner to pro. As soon as you start to trainyour completed workouts are uploaded to Zihi, the algorithms analyze them and your plan for the coming days will be more individualized.

Please fill out “Time Available” with a realistic sports schedule. Keep in mind that your workouts will be less effective if your plan doesn't include strength, overdistance and high-intensity workouts. Zihi will be able to put add strength training only if you include “Gym” as a facility to which you have access. And keep in mind: a long workout requires at least an hour and a half, and high-intensity should be at least one hour long. But even if you have only an hour to train, it’s better to enter a little more, for example 1 hour 20 minutes, so that the program can recommend a wider range of workouts.

Zihi can generate a personalized training plan, but only if you specify how much time you have for training and what facilities are available to you each day (skiing, running or cycling, gym, etc.). The best training plan is the one you can do. Therefore, Zihi cannot schedule a strength workout for you if you do not have access to a gym. Similarly with skiing. If you don't have snow and you're still rollerskating, then please let ZIhi know that by specifying rollerskiing as a workout type you can do in your “Time Available” Calendar. The same is true for training time. Zihi will not schedule a 2-hour long session if you have indicated that you have a maximum of 60 minutes for a workout on a particular day.

Filling in “Time Available” you guarantee that Zihi will create an individualized plan that fits your schedule and available facilities.

TRIMP – training impulse – is a numerical indicator of training load. One hour of jogging and one hour of intense cross-country running are the same training volume in terms of duration, but provided completely different training loads! Training load reflects the internal level of physical and psychological stress and is derived from a combination of volume, training frequency, and training intensity.

For endurance sports, Eric Banister and colleagues proposed calculating TRIMP, according to the following formula:

TRIMP (training load) = Duration x HR Reserve e^(HR Reserve x b) where HR Reserve is calculated as (training HR - resting HR)/(max HR - resting HR), e - is the base of the natural logarithm, b - is a coefficient that takes the value of 1.67 for women and 1.92 for men.

The main idea of the TRIMP calculation is that we multiply the duration (in minutes) by the intensity factor. Zihi automatically calculates the TRIMP parameter, provided that the athlete is training with a heart rate monitor or simply knows his or her heart rate during training.

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