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Zihi is the world’s best endurance sports coach in the palm of your hand. Zihi makes decades of coaching experience and cutting edge sports science available to anyone with a smartphone.


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Mike Vinogradov and Egor Akimov have been working side by side for the past 10 years to create Zihi. Mike is a world-class coach in the sport of orienteering and also holds a PhD in economics. Egor is a PhD-level sports scientist and former professional Nordic skier.

In 2012, Egor and Mikhail came up with the idea to collect their accumulated scientific and coaching experience in one place. If they were able process this information with mathematical algorithms to create sports science-based training plans, this would be a great tool for endurance athletes everywhere. Egor and Mikhail’s idea was not to be tied to one single coaching technique but used proven knowledge of several dozen top coa